Si la semana pasada Ane Eguizabal nos contaba su experiencia de Barcelona, esta vez es el turno de Paula y Marc -alumnos de la escuela y de Erasmus respectivamente-.

Recibimos así un testimonio internacional, ya que la asignatura de Técnicas de Diseño y Creatividad  (Design and Creativity Techniques) se imparte desde este curso en inglés y tiene un gran éxito entre nuestros alumnos internacionales.

Paula y Marc nos cuentan su experiencia en el estudio de Luki Huber y la visita al Museu del Disseny.


” The first morning we had the chance to visit a famous industrial designer called Luki Huber in his studio located in the Borne Market. His product design studio is a workspace where clients are invited to participate in the process of idea creation.

After entering the studio, the first impression we took was the great amount of boxes located in the wall which were created by him.

Asking him, we identified that there were around 400 boxes more, but the most amazing thing was, filling each box took around 4 hours. But: what did they have inside? That’s the main point. The boxes were filled with different banners in which many design techniques had been carried out. These techniques were mainly based in mind maps filled with many questions that made the designer focus in different aspects of the design.

On the other hand, one of the main activities in Luki´s design studio is the creation of machines, utensils and tableware for the restaurants, such as the ones he designed for the very famous restaurant ElBulli.

However, the visit was too short to deepen in all his projects although we were able to work with a great designer.


The same day in the afternoon, after an amazing visit at the MaterFAD, we went to the Design Museum, which is located in the same building and next to the Agbar tower.

Subsequently we went through a funny activity that consisted in searching a list of objects while note them including their designer, the year of creation and name of the object itself showed in the museum. It was not an easy task due to the fact that some objects were missing so we got a little bit crazy, but we enjoy it a lot and learned many new things.

The trip ended with the teachers letting us free time for visiting Barcelona which was great because we had the chance to go to Las Ramblas and Paseo de Gracia all together and to discover even more places of this wonderful city.”

Gracias Paula y Marc por contarnos vuestra experiencia ,esperamos que hayáis disfrutado del viaje.

Thank you very much for having shared your experiences, we hope you had great time !



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